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Tire Storage in Port Colborne, ON

Looking for Off-Season Tire Storage?
Let Murdoch's Tire & Automotive handle your off-season tire storage this year!

We offer winter off-season tire storage to all of our customers limitted space. Saving your crawlspace, basement or garage from being a tire storage unit, It will give you extra space and, it will keep those dirty tires out of your home. We offer options to keep your winter tires during the Summer months and your Summer tires during the Winter months for year-round convenience. We will do all the heavy lifiting for you since we store the tires and will put them on for you when you are ready for the tire changeover. Murdoch's Tire & Automotive has been serving the Port Colborne, ON area for over 63 years and we have all your auto repair, tire and off-season tire storage needs covered. Schedule an appointment today or call for more details on tire storage in Port Colborne, ON.

How Winter tire storage works

  • Call us or schedule an appointment at least 48 hours prior to the tire changeover request and they will be ready for you.
  • Bring your vehicle in at the scheduled time for the changeover.
  • Murdoch's Tire & Automotive will remove your current set of tires and wheels, then prep them for storage.
  • We'll clean (only wheels and tires) and then cover your tires and wheels prior to storage, this prevents damages and dust buildup.
  • Our safe and secure facility will keep your tires and wheels protected from the outside elements.
  • Contact us each season that you need this service tires changed over.

What is a tire swap or tire changeover?

This service refers to having an additional set of wheels and tires changed over or swapped to meet the seasonal conditions of your area.

When to change from Summer tires to Winter tires

You know when the days start getting shorter and the warm summer air slowly slips away that Winter is coming. During this time of the year you are less likely to be thinking about car care and your tires. Sometimes thinking about Winter alone causes some anxiety. However, snow tires "winter tires" are an integral part of your saftey when you live in snowy, icy or frigid climates, and it's important to switch them over before it's too late. Without grip, most of your car's saftey features are less likely to be effective (e.g., anti-lock brakes, all wheel drive and traction control). Because weather is different everywhere and it seems to hit when you're not prepared, call us at Murdoch's Tire & Automotive in Port Colborne, ON to ensure you're prepared before it's too late. When the weather starts to worsen, that's the best time to consider doing the tire changeover and schedule an appointment to keep you moving through the seasons.

What is a tire swap or tire changeover?

The importance of changing Winter Tires to Summer tires
The biggest problem you will face when leaving your snow tires on in the summer is the lack of tire life. This happens because of the compounds that make up snow tires. They will wear out very quickly due to the heat from the highway which causes the materials to start to breakdown, this then leads to a reduction in cornering and gripping capabilities. Call us if you have any questions about when you should change your tires or schedule an appointment for service.

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